International Calling Guides operates a growing network of international calling websites. The sites provide practical information and advice for making cheap international long distance phone calls.

Make international phone calls

Our guides help you make important telephone calls more quickly and easily from locations around the world.

Our guides also help you understand, buy, and use a range of telephone, mobile, calling card, VoIP, and video calling products and services.

The Calling Guides network includes 4 types of web guides.

Topical Guides

Topical guides provide essential information on different ways of making international calls. They cover topics like calling cards, VoIP calling, and video calling.

Currently, the following topical sites are live:

Telephony Blogs

Telephony blogs provide news, information, and analysis related to international calling.

Currently, the following telephony blogs are live:

City Guides

City mini-guides provide detailed information on how to make international calls to selected major cities worldwide.

Currently, the following city sites are live. Guides for more cities are under development.

Country Guides

Country guides provide in-depth information on how to make international phone calls to major countries worldwide.

Currently, the following country sites are live:

Look for new country guides to launch soon.

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