Recommended VoIP Providers

VoIP is a way of using the internet to make low-cost telephone calls. It is an excellent option for making long distance and international calls.

Recommended VoIP phone service


  • Call quality is increasingly good
  • Per minute rates are very low
  • Set-up has become very easy
  • VoIP offers outstanding extra features

If you are interested in a VoIP plan for making international calls, we recommend the following providers.

Recommended VoIP Providers


Lingo was recently voted #1 VoIP provider by Wired Magazine. To make internet calls, Lingo provides a 'phone adaptor' that connects your landline phone to the internet.

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FreeCallPlanet offers low-cost monthly VoIP calling plans to India. FreeCallPlanet is designed for people who call India on a regular basis. Their VoIP service works like a calling card: you dial into their VoIP network using your mobile or landline phone.

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Jajah offers several VoIP calling products. JAJAH.Direct allows direct dialing from your telephone. JAJAH.Web is a web-activated VoIP service. JAJAH.Mobile is a mobile version of JAJAH.Web for web-enabled mobile phones.

jajah voip service

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Skype may be the best known VoIP provider. Their rates aren't always the lowest, but they have the most options for outbound and inbound VoIP calling. They also offer many useful features such as VoIP video calling and real-time chat.

skype international calling

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DISCLOSURE: has affiliate relationships with these vendors in which we are paid a small commission on any sales to visitors from our site. These commissions help us pay the costs of creating and operating this website. Please be assured that these relationships do not compromise our commitment to recommending reputable firms that you can trust.

VoIP Buying Tips

  • VoIP calling plans are cheap because they use the internet for making telephone calls instead of a high performance phone network
  • VoIP calling does not necessarily deliver the same call quality as normal phone calls. Quality is fine for many purposes, but may not be adequate for important business calls

If you have feedback - good or bad - on any of these providers, please add a comment below.


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